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Chess News & Top Tournaments

Chess Life Online Chessdom Chess Daily News (Polgar)
ChessBase Chess.com New York Times Chess Column
The Week In Chess Chess24.com Live Broadcasts Russian Chess News

World Chess Federation

FIDE Homepage Search FIDE Ratings LIVE Ratings
Official Laws of Chess Ratings Calculator World Top 100
Title and Norm Regulations International Calendar Records in Chess

US Chess Federation

US Chess Homepage Search US Chess Ratings National Tournaments Calendar
Chess Life Magazine Ratings Calculator Continental Chess Association
Chess Life for Kids US Chess Top 100 Lists Scholastic Chess
US Championship Top Rated by State US Chess Forums

Northern California Chess

CalChess Homepage NorCal Top Players CalChess Journal
Adult (Open) Tournaments NorCal Top 100 Kids by Age ChessDryad Photos & History
Kids Tournaments CalChess Scholastic Champions Chess Clubs in NorCal

Chess Clubs

Northern California West Coast and Around the Country
Bay Area Chess in Milpitas Metropolitan Chess in Los Angeles
Mechanics' Institute in San Francisco Los Angeles Chess Club
Sacramento Chess Club San Diego Chess Club
Kolty Chess Club in Campbell Reno Chess Club
Berkeley Chess Club Las Vegas Chess Center
Berkeley Chess School Seattle Chess Club
NorCal House of Chess in Fremont Portland Chess Club
Success Chess School Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
Stanford University Chess Club Marshall Chess Club in New York City
UC Berkeley Chess Club Metro-West Chess Club in Boston
UC Davis Chess Club Dallas Chess Club

Player Websites & Blogs

GM Sam Shankland GM Hikaru Nakamura fpawn chess blog
GM Daniel Naroditsky GM Magnus Carlsen IM Yian Liou Blog
GM Vinay Bhat GM Garry Kasparov Dana Mackenzie Blog
GM Jesse Kraai GM Vladimir Kramnik Ashik Uzzaman Blog
GM Melik Khachiyan GM Alexandra Kosteniuk Weibel Elementary Blog
GM Dejan Bojkov GM Susan Polgar Blog Hip-Hop Chess Federation
GM Christian Chirila IM Greg Shahade fpawn at 2007 US Championship

Chess Resources

Educational Sites Places to Play Online
Chess Tempo Tactics Server Internet Chess Club (ICC)
Chess.com Tactics and More Chess.FM Programming on ICC
Chess Corner Chess.com
Chess Improver PlayChess by ChessBase
Chess Cafe Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)
Chess Lecture Chess Results and Game Databases
Dan Heisman Teaching Website (Novice) Live FIDE Rankings for 2700+
Dennis Monokroussos Chess Blog (Advanced) International Chess Results
Chess Diva for Girls Continental Chess Events
Recorded Lectures at Saint Louis Club MonRoi Broadcasts and Database
Videos by Magnus Carlsen ChessGames Database
Sites For Children & Parents ChessBase Online Database
ChessKid.com hosted by Chess.com ChessBites Database
Coach Jay Stalling's Chess Academy Endgame Tablebases (Setup Position)
Mark Shelton's Magic Theater Endgame Tablebases (Insert FEN)
CalNorth Youth Chess Curriculum Selected Chess Organizations
Chess Parent Resource Southern California Chess Federation
A Boy Scout's Guide to Chess for Beginners Nevada Chess
Print Large Scoresheet Arizona Chess
Print 4 Small Scoresheets Northwest Chess (Washington & Oregon)
Recommended Chess Vendors US Chess School
Wholesale Chess US Chess League
Chess House Team 45 45 League on ICC
US Chess Sales German Chess Federation
New In Chess German Chess League
ChessBase Store Traunstein (Bavaria) Chess Club

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