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Content By Fpawn


FPAWN BLOG: February 2008 – current

NEWSLETTERS: January 2005 – August 2007


CALCHESS CHESS BIOGRAPHY: Everything you ever wanted to know about me and more!

CALCHESS PHOTO ALBUM: Photos from various chess tournaments taken by fpawn.


2007 CalChess Scholastics: Six pages of photos from San Mateo.

2007 National High School Championship: Three pages of photos from Kansas City.

2005 Sacramento Chess Championship: Five pages of photos from July 4th weekend.

2005 National Open: Two pages of photos from June in Las Vegas.

2004 CalChess Labor Day Championship: Three pages of photos from September in San Francisco.

2003 North American Open: Photos from December in Las Vegas.

2003 Western States Open: Photos from October in Reno.


Michael Franett Memorial: IM norm tournament hosted by the Mechanics' Institute during January 2005.

Setting a Chronos clock for increments

Mark Pinto International: IM norm tournament hosted by the Mechanics' Institute during July 2004.
2004 Sacramento Chess Club team championship: Won once again by The TactiTals.


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World Chess News


ChessBase: Chess news by the premiere site for software.

Fpawn Blog: My personal chess blog.

The Week In Chess: Weekly chess E-zine.

Daily Dirt: Daily chess blog.

MonRoi: Relaying of major tournaments.

Susan Polgar’s blog: News and opinions.


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Chess Federations and Associations


FIDE - World Chess Federation

Official FIDE ratings

Fpawn's current FIDE rating

Ratings calculator

FIDE top 100 list

Tournament reports received



USCF - United States Chess Federation

Official USCF ratings

Fpawn's current USCF rating

Ratings calculator

USCF top 100 lists

Explanation of rating system

USCF state ranking lists

Tournament reports received

Upcoming national tournaments

FIDE rating reports  (last year)

USCF forums


CalChess - Northern California Chess Association>

CalChess chess clubs page

CalChess top 100 lists

Local tournaments website

CalChess forums


Continental Chess Association: Organizes big money tournaments across the country.

U.S. Championship: Organized and sponsored by the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.

Southern California Chess Federation: Our neighbors to the South.

Nevada Chess: Our neighbors to the East.


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Northern California Chess Clubs


Mechanics' Institute Chess Club: One of the oldest chess clubs in the nation is in San Francisco.

Sacramento Chess Club: The longtime home club of the fpawn. Meets on Wednesday nights.

UC Davis Chess Club: New local club meets weekly upstairs at the Memorial Union

Stanford Chess Club: New website with pictures of chess on the Farm. Meets on Sunday afternoons.

Bay Area Chess: Runs adult and scholastic tournaments in the South Bay Area.

Burlingame Chess Club: Premiere club of the San Mateo Peninsula. Meets on Thursday nights.

Kolty Chess Club: Premiere club of the South Bay. Meets on Thursday nights.

Sun Chess Club: South Bay club organized by a student of mine!  (now inactive)


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Other Local Chess Websites


ChessDryad: History of Northern California Chess, pictures from tournaments, and a lot more.

Calgames Database: Collection of over 20,000 local games from ChessDryad.

CalNorth Youth Chess: Premiere site for local scholastic chess news and events.

Chess City: Large instructional website by active chess author FM Eric Schiller.


Success Chess: Program in Fremont and South Bay that hosts scholastic tournaments.

Berkeley Chess School: The oldest local program, based in Berkeley.

Academic Chess: Scholastic programs in San Francisco and San Jose.


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Play Chess Online


Internet Chess Club: The best chess club in cyberspace with 30,000 members and many Grandmasters.

PlayChess.com: Hosted by software distributor ChessBase.

Free Internet Chess Server: The best of many free chess playing websites.


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Other Recommended Chess Websites


ChessBase: Premiere site for chess analysis and database software for advanced players.

ChessCafe: Large online vendor of chess equipment, books, and software.

Chess Informant: Publisher of Grandmaster openings analysis.

New In Chess: Best chess magazine covering world events with heavy Grandmaster annotations.


ChessLab online database: Two million games available at your fingertips, updated weekly.

ChessBase online database: An online version of ChessBase game database.


ChessEbook: Online tactics training with over 5000 problems!


Encyclopedia of Chess Information: You got any questions?

Bill Wall's Chess Site: Excellent site with hundreds of chess links.

University of Pittsburgh Chess Club: Large online chess archives.


rec.games.chess.misc: Miscellaneous chess newsgroup.
rec.games.chess.politics: Chess politics newsgroup.


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