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June 2008

Results from CalChess Scholastics; Cadet and Denker; David graduates; teaching schedule and tournaments; summer group class

April 2008

CalChess Scholastics; Nip and Naroditsky on TV; Memorial Day; Fpawn Chess Blog

Summer (August) 2007

Summer Recap for fpawn and students; tournaments for the fall; USCF ratings report and top 100 lists; ICC standard tournament; book recommendations; POTM = Adam

May 2007

Summary of CalChess Scholastics; Preview of US Championship in Oklahoma; complete student roster; upcoming tournaments in June; POTM = Danya

CalChess Scholastics 2007

CalChess Scholastics in San Mateo; Danya 1st K-12; Steven 1st K-8; Saratoga H.S. 1st K-12 team; Redwood M.S. 1st K-8 team

April 2007 #2

National High School Championship in Kansas City; Far West Open; end of Daniel Schwarz’s scholastic career; US Championship

April 2007 #1

National Junior High School Championship in Sacramento; teaching and coaching schedule; POTM = Gregory

March 2007

Great news on US Championship; People’s Tournament; POTM = Steven

February 2007

Bad news on US Championship; major tournaments in 2007; ICC standard tournament; POTM = Jeff

January 2007

Qualified for US Championship; North American Open; Sacramento weekend swiss; holiday party and blitz tournament; POTM = Alan

December 2006

Kramnik against Fritz 10; American Open; rating gains for 2006; POTM = Gregory

Chess Life 2006

Feature in November 2006 issue of Chess Life about the US Open in Chicago; interview with me

November 2006

Kramnik defeats Topalov to become World Champion; Western States Open; editorial on pressures to succeed; POTM = KevinG

Toilet Gate

Dispute over toilet facilities brings World Championship match to a halt

September 2006

Preview of Kramnik vs Topalov in Kalmykia; US Open in Chicago; Pan Am Youth in Ecuador; CalChess Labor Day Championships; POTM = Yian and Aaron

US Open 2006 #2

I shared second place at US Open

US Open 2006 #1

Update from US Open in Chicago and Denker Tournament of High School Champions (Daniel and I)

August 2006

Sacramento Chess Championship; Pacific Coast Open in Agoura Hills; editorial about my popularity as teacher; fall lesson schedule; POTM = David

July 2006

Las Vegas Masters; National Open; CalChess vs Australia match; FIDE rating list; summer schedule; POTM = Charles

June 2006

CalChess Scholastics; Denker playoff; website updates; POTM = Daniel

CalChess Scholastics 2006

CalChess Scholastics in San Jose; Daniel 1st K-12; Charles 1st K-8; Gregory 1st K-6; Saratoga H.S. 1st K-12 team

May 2006

National High School Championship; Life Master title; summer schedule; POTM = David

High School Nationals 2006

National High School Championship in Milwaukee; David 4th K-12; Saratoga H.S. 3rd K-12 team

April 2006

Daniel featured in Chess Life article; Far West Open; POTM = KevinG and Yian

March 2006

US Championship; People’s Tournament; POTM = Tejas

February 2006

Western Class Championships in Agoura Hills; Daniel obtains master rating; upcoming major scholastic events; POTM = Daniel

January 2006

Highlights of 2005; North American Open; Sacramento weekend swiss; POTM = Caleb

December 2005

National Grade Level Championships in Houston; Jeff, Marvin and David earn top 10 trophies; East Bay Chess Club Thanksgiving swiss; “Knights of the South Bronx” film; POTM = Jeff

November 2005

Western States Open; East Bay Chess Club October swiss; POTM = Daniel

October 2005

Preview of FIDE World Championship in Argentina; POTM = Charles

September 2005

CalChess Labor Day Championships; ChessBio on CalChess website; POTM = Marvin

August 2005 #2

Preview of Labor Day tournament; fall lesson schedule

August 2005 #1

Pacific Coast Open in Agoura Hills; World Youth Festival in France

July 2005

Sacramento Chess Championship; new look for CalChess website; summer lesson schedule

June 2005

National Open; Stamer Memorial; Gregory draws SM Craig Mar and nearly wins Stamer

May 2005

ICC simul; goals for 2005-06; upcoming tournaments

April 2005

CalNorth Regionals in San Jose; five students in top 10; Redwood M.S. 1st K-8 team; CalChess State Scholastics in Oakland; David 4th K-12; Daniel 5th K-12; Saratoga H.S. 1st K-12 team

SuperNationals 2005

SuperNationals III in Nashville; David 4th K-9; Saratoga H.S. 9th K-9; Redwood M.S. 13th K-8

March 2005 #2

Upcoming scholastic tournaments in April; recommended tournaments in summer

Kasparov Retires

The day Kasparov retired

March 2005 #1

People’s Tournament; decision between CalChess Scholastics (Peterson) and CalNorth Regionals (Kirshner)

January 2005

Franett Memorial IM norm tournament; Western Class Championships in Agoura Hills; update on court case between CalChess and Richard Peterson