Dear chess friends,

I invite you to the 3rd Fpawn Birthday Blitz at Chess.com on Sunday evening May 15th starting at 7:00 Pacific time. The Zoom meeting opens at 6:30 for everyone to socialize. Bring your own snacks.

Grandmaster Steven Zierk won the first two editions of this tournament, facing stiff competition each year from several International Masters. Check out the results below.
  • 2020 - GM Steven Zierk clear 1st place ahead of IM Yian Liou and NM Kirk Ghazarian
  • 2021 - GM Steven Zierk clear 1st place ahead of IM Christopher Yoo and IM Gabriel Bick
  • 2022 - GM Steven Zierk clear 1st place ahead of NM Dan Schwarz and IM-elect Kirk Ghazarian

Two Future Grandmasters in 2007

Saratoga High team in 2009

Fpawn Students in 2019

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(starts at 6:30 PM)

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(starts at 7:00 PM)

Who is invited?
  • Friends from nearly three decades of competitive chess.
  • Former students dating back more than two decades.
  • Current chess students.
  • Fellow players from Sacramento, the Mechanics' Institute, Bay Area Chess and Reno.
  • Teammates from the Online Olympiad for People with Disabilities.
  • Anyone else who wants to help me celebrate or play in a strong blitz tournament.

Tournament parameters:
  • Starts Sunday evening May 15 at 7:00 Pacific time.
  • Estimated completion around 9:00.
  • Play at Chess.com Live server.
  • 10 round swiss format.
  • G/4 with 2 sec increment. Note change from 2021
  • No entry fee.
  • No prizes.
  • Not USCF rated (membership not required).
  • Mega fun!

To participate:
  1. Register an account at Chess.com (free account is OK).
  2. Sign up for the Fpawn Chess Club. I need to approve your request unless you played in 2021.
  3. Join the tournament on Sunday evening any time after 6:00. If it fails to load due to a known bug, then refresh or toggle between the Players and 3rd Birthday Blitz tabs in upper right corner.
  4. The first round will be paired at 7:00. Games begin automatically.
  5. You may join late with zero points for the rounds you missed.
  6. Chat in the text console using the tab next to Standings and Games.

Updated list of players who expressed interest: (preregistration is optional).
  1. Steven Z. (GM)
  2. Kirk G. (IM-elect)
  3. Daniel S. (NM)
  4. fpawn (NM)
  5. Kunal S.
  6. Vishva N.
  7. Javier S.
  8. Kritin G.
  9. Andrew H.
  10. Sankash S.
  11. Benjamin L.
  12. Shan L.
  13. Ishan G.

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